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Thursday’s headlines

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• Fiorito: Library strike conundrum [The Star]
• Toronto’s inside workers could walk off the job Saturday after voting ‘overwhelmingly’ for strike mandate [National Post]
• City’s inside workers give union strike mandate [The Sun]

• Toronto Mayor Rob Ford shuts down transit debate [The Star]
• Subway debate: misinformation flies as councillors fail to resolve Sheppard transit [The Star]
• Ford’s subway plan kept on life support for one more day [Globe & Mail]
• Rob Ford and allies able to delay vote on subways vs. LRTs until Thursday morning [National Post]
• Chris Selley on the Toronto City Hall transit debate: Please. Just. Build. Something [National Post]
• City budget chief Mike Del Grande proposes commercial parking fee to pay for TTC expansion [National Post]
• Sheppard subway debate to be continued [The Sun]
• Political risk to councillors’ subway vote [The Sun]
• LRT lifeline to Scarborough [NOW]
• Fordists filibuster transit vote [NOW]
• Could Rob Ford really hold a subway referendum? [Torontoist]
• Liveblog: The Sheppard debate, Day Two [Torontoist]

• Banning spray paint? Mississauga ponders bylaw to keep teens from buying ‘graffiti implements’ [The Star]
• The Fixer: Toronto parks are thick with people but thin on staff [The Star]
• Hume: Pining for Bell Canada’s new cellphone towers [The Star]
• Fordmania!: A selection of Rob Ford portraits [Globe & Mail]
• High Park goes up in smoke, again [The Grid]
• Yak attack: the quest to save the High Park Zoo [The Grid]