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Friday’s headlines

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• Toronto lists services that would be affected by labour dispute this weekend [Globe & Mail]
• City announces plans if inside workers strike [The Sun]

• Rob Ford’s subway dream dead as Toronto council votes 24-29 for LRT [The Star]
• Under Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the right is wrong [The Star]
• Ford’s leadership failure killed his own subway dream [Globe & Mail]
• Transit defeat leaves Ford on rocky ground [Globe & Mail]
• Council votes for light-rail transit, kills Mayor Ford’s subway plan [Globe & Mail]
• Rob Ford vows to ‘try to stop it’ as council endorses Sheppard Avenue LRT line [National Post]
• Councillor Jaye Robinson says Sheppard subway should be built on incremental basis [National Post]
• That’s our $8.4 billion they’re wasting on LRTs [The Sun]
• Doug Ford rails against LRT supporters [The Sun]
• The day the subway died [NOW]
• LRT for Sheppard, fighting words for Ford [Torontoist]