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Monday’s headlines

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• CUPE Local 79 leaders leave it to workers to decide on deal [The Star]
• Striking library workers plan ‘read-in’ demonstration and picket in Toronto [The Star]
• Union sending city’s final contract offer to inside workers for vote [Globe & Mail]
• Union to present city’s offer to members [The Sun]
• Fishy bylaws thwart angler on Toronto’s waterfront [The Star]
• Hume: Mayor Rob Ford should stop campaigning and start governing [The Star]
• Outside judge will hear Mayor Rob Ford’s conflict of interest case [The Star]
• Clayton Ruby bid to oust Rob Ford over conflict of interest enters the courtroom [National Post]
• An open letter to those who elected Rob Ford [Globe & Mail]

• Fiorito: On transit, we’re talking past each other [The Star]
• An LRT that’s paved on top? Radical design tweaks to unite left and right [Globe & Mail]
• Mayor Rob Ford co-opts new TTC chief to his subway fight [The Star]
• Toronto’s Mayor Ford vows to ‘lead the charge’ in halting light-rail transit [Globe & Mail]
• LRT decision sees Rob Ford speeding up on the wrong track [The Grid]
• Court advocate an unsung hero for assaulted TTC workers [The Star]
• Riding the 501: the longest streetcar route in North America [National Post]
• Graphic: the renovations to Union station’s TTC platform [National Post]
• ‘We’re out of station’: Yonge subway line desperately close to bursting [National Post]
• TTC chief: subway expansion for downtown relief line has to be discussed ‘right now’ [National Post]

• Downtown intersection closed after glass falls from Trump Tower [The Star]
• Growth in condo sector prompts legislative review [National Post]
• Can a reconfigured Rouge Park in the GTA save Canada’s national parks? [The Star]
• Community determined to rebuild playground [Globe & Mail]
• Regent Park’s seven-year dream [The Sun]
• Movin’ on up in Regent Park [The Sun]

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