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Wednesday’s headlines

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• Fiorito: Mayor drunk on power [The Star]
• Mayor responds to accusations he jumped the gun on election call [Globe & Mail]
• ‘Rob Ford is running scared from the law,’ watchdog says as mayor tries to delay audit appeal [National Post]
• Mayor Rob Ford admits he gave out the wrong number on radio show [The Star]
• Wrong number, Rob Ford agrees: mayor tells potential candidates to call personal line [National Post]
• TCHC board requests independent review of condo purchases [The Star]
• Ex-judge called to investigate allegations against TCHC [National Post]
• TCHC reviewing Regent Park condo purchases by former employees [Globe & Mail]
• Newmarket councillor Maddie Di Muccio storms out of meeting over ‘lack of professionalism’ [National Post]
• Del Grande wants full participation in the budget process [The Sun]
• The “world-class city” trap [The Grid]

• City union pans sections of ‘final offer’ [The Star]
• Toronto’s 23,000 inside workers voting today on city’s final offer [Globe & Mail]
• Decision day for Toronto’s inside workers [The Sun]
• What do city workers’ unions mean when they talk about “job security”? [Torontoist]
• Questions and answers on the Toronto library strike [The Star]

• Subway-LRT rewind [NOW]
• Jonathan Goldsbie’s Enchanted 501 streetcar ride [Torontoist]
• Public-Private partnerships: the better way? [Torontoist]
• Toronto unlikely to face proliferation of brothels [The Star]
• Most Torontonians have never stood here – that’s about to change [The Star]
• Funding for Rouge Valley national park expected in federal budget [Globe & Mail]
• Clarington to prohibit dumping of landfill from outside the city [Globe & Mail]