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Monday’s headlines

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• Offer of a $300,000 new High Park playground stumbles at city hall [The Star]
• Toronto’s small zoos still in limbo [The Star]
• Councillor seeks an end to trash talk about St. Clair [Globe & Mail]
• City councillor wants third party to determine if controversial St. Clair project was a waste of money [National Post]
• Debunking the “St. Clair disaster” [NOW]
• Adam Vaughan, Shelley Carroll consider mayoral run in 2014 [The Star]
• Rob Ford’s female troubles [Globe & Mail]
• Kudos to Ford’s team for forging labour peace [Globe & Mail]
• Ford trumpets four years of civic labour peace in Toronto [The Sun]
• While Toronto feuded, Los Angeles built transit [Globe & Mail]
• Ford: double standard in cuts [The Sun]

• Toronto Port Lands: citizens get a look at the waterfront of the future [The Star]
• Waterfront report sinks Doug Ford’s Port Lands vision [The Star]
• Earth Hour Toronto 2012: power use down 6.8% [The Star]
• In Toronto’s west end, modern homes of a human scale [Globe & Mail]
• Will Jarvis lanes get legal reprieve? [NOW]
• Hear the one man allowed to perform on Toronto subway platforms without auditioning [National Post]

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  1. I wonder if any third party looking into the St. Clair LRT would use ridership growth figures based on those from the TTC’s Mitch Stambler. John Lornic reported that ridership on St. Clair went from 24,000 to 32,400 since the completion of the LRT, using Mitch’s figures.

    The only trouble is that it appears that ridership on St. Clair rarely dipped below 30,000 since 1976. In 2004-2005 ridership was 31,000. St. Clair has had very litttle ridership growth since the completion of the LRT. 4.5% increase vs. a system wide increase of more than 16% (2005 to 2011).

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    and current ridership