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Thursday’s headlines

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• Toronto sports leagues may get a break on new outdoor fees – this year [The Star]
• Council may grant reprieve on sports fees [Globe & Mail]
• Paying to play [Torontoist]
• Policy that charges kids, youth clubs for sports field use may be rescinded: councillor Janet Davis [National Post]
• Mayor Rob Ford, finance minister open a Toronto casino referendum [The Star]
• Duncan to Toronto: if you don’t want the casino, someone else will [Globe & Mail]
• Dwight Duncan may place bet on Toronto waterfront casino [National Post]
• Ford wants casino [The Sun]
• Toronto woman’s water bill soars but city can’t explain why [The Star]
• Water billing system takes a bath [The Sun]
• City will be clean as ‘a new $5 bill,’ Rob Ford says at cleanup lunch [The Star]
• Ford paints bleak future for graffiti vandals [The Sun]
• What does Rob Ford want to do until 2014? [The Star]
• Rob Ford’s one-game winning streak [The Grid]

• TTC won’t remove controversial ads [The Star]
• Holy debate erupts on TTC [The Sun]
• Let’s find the truth about St. Clair [Globe & Mail]

• Doug Ford and the Port Lands: that sinking feeling [The Star]
• New routes in West Don Lands offer a glimpse of the future riverfront [The Star]
• Durham region council votes for an elected chair [The Star]
• Best and worst GTA hospitals: Toronto-area lags in patient care, national report says [The Star]
• Toronto housing prices on the rise: report [National Post]
• History, culture, and bike lanes at Jarvis Town Hall [Torontoist]
• Off the wall: SODA, the healing power of graffiti [Torontoist]
• T.O.’s next big export: videogames [The Grid]