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Wednesday’s headlines

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• City councillor brainstorming session to include road tolls [The Star]
• Doug Ford vows to fight for subway as Transit City moves forward [Globe & Mail]
• Selley: Like it or not, Rob Ford’s bid to lose weight is news [National Post]
• Where councillors stand on Pride [The Sun]

• Metrolinx recommends Sheppard LRT building start in 2014 [The Star]
• Metrolinx staff give stamp of approval to street-level light rail [Torontoist]
• Metrolinx poised to OK four LRT lines [National Post]
• Metrolinx set to endorse LRT plan for Toronto [BlogTO]
• Metrolinx on board with light-rail transit [The Sun]
• Distracted drivers to remain a TTC secret [The Sun]

• Pedestrians need a head start at intersections, health chief says [The Star]
• Toronto’s top doctor wants lower speed limits [Globe & Mail]
• No traction on call for speed-limit reduction in Toronto [National Post]
• Public health recommends lowering Toronto speed limits [The Sun]
• Life in the slow lane? [The Grid]

• Big boost planned for city bike trails [The Sun]
• Toronto moving to expand bike trails [The Star]

• Occupy Toronto calls for protests on May 1st [Global Toronto]
• One more reason why Toronto’s condo market is crazier than Vancouver’s [Toronto Life]
• New map reveals diabetes hot spots in the GTA [The Star]
• CAMH gets $10-million donation from McCain [Globe & Mail]
• Why are Toronto’s trees being cut down for film shoots? [National Post]
• Less talk, more action on Toronto’s homeless file [The Sun]