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Friday’s headlines

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• Councillor rallies support for double-edged subway relief plan [The Star]
• Rookie councillor to put road tolls, regional sales tax before council [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto council centrists not ready to pitch agenda to Mayor Rob Ford [The Star]
• ‘Mighty Middle’ take first step to organize [Globe & Mail]
• Nine councillors explore ‘middle’ ground [The Sun]
• Hume: We don’t need Danielle Smith in Toronto; we already have Ford [The Star]
• Budget battle on the horizon  [The Sun]
• Del Grande to propose wage freeze for city workers making more than $200K [National Post]
• Budget chief wants to freeze pay of city’s top earners [Globe & Mail]
• Spare cash enough to keep pools open in Toronto [Globe & Mail]

• No more backtracking on LRT [NOW]
• TTC union worried by errant members [The Sun]
• How T.O. make the news as a TTC driver [National Post]
• Number of transit delays in Toronto out of context: TTC [National Post]

• Markham council approves massive arena [The Star]
• Markham mega-arena inching closer [The Sun]

• Advocates get good news on new Rouge national park [Globe & Mail]
• Toronto’s tree canopy could use your help [National Post]
• Keenan: Toronto’s trendy new shopping district [The Grid]
• Toronto trash mashup [NOW]