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Subscription deadline for our next issue

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We’re putting the final touches on the Summer 2012 issue of Spacing (it’s one of our most exciting issues yet!) in order to have it ready for release at the end of the month.

With all the prep that goes into our subscriber mailings, that means that this weekend will be the last chance to get in your new subscriptions (for you, or a friend!) or to renew in order to be included in the mailing and receive the issue hot off the press.

Subscribing to Spacing not only gives you the most bang for your buck (none of that news stand mark-up) which goes directly towards supporting the magazine, but it also allows us to: have accurate printing quantities, which cuts down on waste; better ad rates, allowing a higher editorial content-to-ad ratio; and lets us know how much you love our publication.

If you’re not sure if your subscription has expired, or if you have recently moved and haven’t let us know yet, send an email to and we’ll make sure everything’s in order for you to get your new issue on time!