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Monday’s headlines

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• Police under attack — the flip side of G20 misconduct [Toronto Star]
• Toronto police chief vows to pursue charges against G20 officers [Globe and Mail]
• Toronto police should move ‘as quickly as we can’ to deal with G20 misconduct allegations: Bill Blair [National Post]
• Police make first move in G20 report review [The Sun]

• Ford makes trash collection promise [The Sun]
• Mayor Rob Ford won’t outsource garbage collection east of Yonge this term [Toronto Star]

• James: Can Ford burn on or will he burn out? [Toronto Star]

• Architect Hendrik Op’t Root on Toronto casino plans: If you build it, it better be grand [National Post]
• Gambling on the waterfront: Casinos around the world that could serve as inspiration for Toronto [National Post]
• Kelly McParland: Casino dream has visions of Las Vegas dancing in Toronto heads [National Post]

• Mike Holmes lends a hand to rebuild High Park playground that was torched in March [National Post]
• Mike Holmes to rebuild High Park playground’s wooden castle [Globe and Mail]
• How the Jamile Bell Adventure Playground will be rebuilt [Open File]

• U of T and its neighbours in conflict over secrecy surrounding planned highrise residence [Toronto Star]
• Toronto councillor looks into bid for Expo 2025 [Toronto Star]
• Councillor wants Expo 2025 in Toronto [Globe and Mail]
• 300-unit YWCA residence opening for low-income women [Globe and Mail]
• How the Toronto Islands came to be [Open File]
• Levy: Putting the TTC on the right track [The Sun]

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  1. Wow… I am shocked! An article by Sue-Ann Levy that is actually reads like a professional columnist rather than the rantings of an internet forum troll?!? There is a little bit of personal commentary, but no more than you would expect from any other columnist writing an opinion piece. Though it looks very nice outside today, I’m just going to step out to make sure that Hell hasn’t frozen over.