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Friday’s headlines

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• Game off: Councillor backs away from road hockey exemption plan [Toronto Star]
• Chris Selley: A laughable solution to an absurd road hockey ban [National Post]
• A tiny perfect streetcar line is being laid along Cherry Street [Globe and Mail]
• Milczyn wants city to look west for street food rules [The Sun]
• Food truck motion will be stuck in committee limbo till October [Open File]

• Police review director stands by Bill Blair, but objects to the hearings process [Toronto Star]
• “Officer Bubbles” now a “model officer” after helping to identify police in G20 charges [Open File]

• Port Lands casino ‘not on the radar’, says Waterfront Toronto [Toronto Star]
• The Pitch: Waterfront Blues [National Post]
• Port Lands report originally expected for the summer will now wait until the fall [Open File]

• Highway 407 tolls may be cheaper on new extension, McGuinty says [Toronto Star]
• Highway 407 East: What we know about the “people’s road” [Toronto Star]
• Dalton McGuinty dubs new $1B highway 407 extension ‘the people’s highway’ [National Post]
• Hwy. 407 extended to Oshawa in 3 years: McGuinty [The Sun]

• Crumbling Gardiner: City crews to close sidewalks as repair work begins [Toronto Star]
• City dispatches more crews to accelerate repair of ‘perfectly safe’ Gardiner Expressway [National Post]
• Inspection blitz of Gardiner Expressway under way [Globe and Mail]
• Gardiner repairs sped up [The Sun]
• Duly Quoted: Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong [Torontoist]

• Toronto gambling: Ford allies put video bingo proposal on hold [Toronto Star]
• Decision to allow video bingo in Toronto delayed [The Sun]

• Price jumps for Nathan Phillips Square renovation [National Post]
• Nathan Phillips Square facelift has become a boondoggle [The Sun]
• Let’s talk about gender balance at City Hall [Open File]

• Toronto’s downtown is GTA’s downtown [Toronto Star]
• Toronto cyclist injury: Cabbie says he feared for his life [Toronto Star]
• Railway ties replaced along Lakeshore West this summer [The Sun]
• Metro Hall not for sale [The Sun]
• Honest Ed’s momentarily puts a different name on storefront, locals panic [Open File]
• Beach Residents Face Off Against Condo Developers [Torontoist]