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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Air Canada plane makes emergency landing at Pearson amid reports of falling debris [Toronto Star]
• Debris from Air Canada jet believed to have struck cars after engine fails over Toronto [National Post]
• Air Canada jet in emergency landing after debris reportedly ‘falls from plane onto cars below’ [National Post]
• Air Canada 777 makes emergency landing in Toronto; debris falls on cars [Globe and Mail]
• Jet makes emergency landing at Pearson [The Sun]

• Glass falls from downtown RBC Tower [Toronto Star]
• Falling glass closes streets around RBC Centre in Toronto [National Post]
• Glass panes fall 30 storeys from Toronto’s RBC Centre [Globe and Mail]

• Conservation officials say Mayor Rob Ford shouldn’t be sold parkland [Toronto Star]

• Councillors shrug off bag fee challenge [The Sun]
• Taxpayer group takes on bag tax [The Sun]

• Posted Toronto Political Panel: What to do with the crumbling Gardiner? [National Post]
• Toronto’s infrastructure woes: what to do with the Gardiner, and when do we build the DRL? [Open File]

• Toronto street food hits the road [Toronto Star]
• Milton council commits to building velodrome [Toronto Star]
• The Fixer: Rock fight between Toronto Water and residents at Gainsborough ravine [Toronto Star]
• Q&A: Toronto’s new art house [National Post]
• Toronto-based bike maker shares in Giro d’Italia victory [Globe and Mail]
• How two property moguls overcame their differences and landed their dream tower [Globe and Mail]
• What’s happened to all of Toronto’s garbage bins? [Open File]
• How big a risk is Bixi? Montreal told to sell it, TO hypothetically on the hook for $4.8 million [Open File]