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Wednesday’s headlines

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• Falling debris in Toronto: How likely are you to be hit? [Toronto Star]
• Falling debris in Mississauga was from plane that took off from Pearson [Toronto Star]
• Heads up! A look at incidents of plane debris hitting the earth [National Post]
• Air Canada plane debris struck cars after engine failure, safety board confirms [National Post]
• Debris fell from jet engine [The Sun]
• Jet makes emergency landing at Pearson [The Sun]
• VIDEO: “This happens to me all the time,” says victim of falling plane debris [Open File]

• TTC warns more time needed on Eglinton LRT construction [Toronto Star]
• TTC doubts Metrolinx will make target for Eglinton Crosstown [National Post]
• Fighting for control of LRT dig, TTC warns of woes on Eglinton [Globe and Mail]
• LRT line will be late: TTC [The Sun]
• TTC up for next LRT fight: this time between Toronto and the province [Open File]

• Toronto’s land transfer tax keeps on giving [Toronto Star]
• Toronto’s first quarter surplus hits $70M [Toronto Star]
• Peter Kuitenbrouwer: City Hall’s green roof got two brand new signs [National Post]
• City of Toronto predicting $90-million surplus for 2012 [National Post]
• How does a $774-million deficit become a $90-million surplus? [Globe and Mail]
• Land transfer tax cut would raise property tax: Perks [The Sun]
• City surplus sparks money fight [The Sun]
• Toronto budget surplus pegged at $70 million so far [Open File]

• GO Transit girds for on-time guarantee [Toronto Star]
• Life without wheels: notes on a car-free experiment [Open File]
• Car-free by choice: young urbanites ditching wheels in record numbers [Open File]
Beware the Pedtextrian [The Sun]

• Toronto theatres for sale: St. Lawrence Centre, Sony Centre, Toronto Centre for the Arts [Toronto Star]
• Markham votes to become a city [Toronto Star]
• The Fixer: Big dirt pile is part of the landscape at Etobicoke intersection [Toronto Star]
• Fiorito: Toronto’s western waterfront doomed [Toronto Star]
• Bloor condo hits roadblock as councillor raises concerns with 83-storey project’s plans [National Post]
• Glen Stewart revitalization to be revealed [Globe and Mail]
• City’s green building boondoggle [The Sun]
• Caesars eyes Toronto casino [The Sun]
• Bureaucracy stymies moving Toronto Zoo elephants [The Sun]
• Censusfile: why your neighbourhood needs a national census [Open File]
• Toronto housing affordability gets worse, but at least we’re still not Vancouver [Open File]