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Friday’s headlines

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Hume: Despite Ford’s fumbles, the city is in good hands [Toronto Star]

• Far Enough Farm on Centre Island saved, for now [Toronto Star]
• Toronto Island Farm Could Be Saved By a Big Donation [Open File]

• Hazel McCallion not chasing casino for Mississauga [Toronto Star]
• Ontario Place ruled out as site for new Toronto casino [Globe and Mail]
• No room in Mississauga for casino, McCallion says [The Sun]
• Why Exhibition Place may be the logical spot for the casino Toronto doesn’t want [Open File]
• How have urban casinos panned out in other cities? [Open File]

• Mississauga woman faces criminal charge of being impaired while riding an e-bike [Toronto Star]
• Owning e-bikes is complicated: drunk biking is legal/illegal [Open File]

• Top 10 principles for investing in transportation [Toronto Star]
• City looks at easing congestion in worst areas [The Sun]
• Discussion needed on funding transportation: McCallion [The Sun]
• Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion calls for regional sales tax for transit [Open File]

• Toronto bag ban: How plastic-free is working out in Milton [Toronto Star]
• Plastic bag ban questions and answers with Toronto Councillor David Shiner [Toronto Star]
• Toronto plastic bag ban: Can the city actually do this? [Toronto Star]
• Toronto plastic bag ban: Mayor Rob Ford says ‘it’s the people’s fault’ [Toronto Star]
• Plastic bag ban: Toronto joins a growing club [Toronto Star]
• Council vote to ban plastic bags [Toronto Star]
• Plastic bag coup makes councillor David Shiner a sudden star [National Post]
• Terence Corcoran: Toronto’s decision to ban plastic bags came with no study, no public review and no brains [National Post]
• Graphic: Toronto’s bag-free fortunes [National Post]
• Ban not in the bag, Rob Ford predicts [National Post]
• Toronto plastic bag ban ‘the dumbest thing council have done,’ Rob Ford claims [National Post]
• Toronto bans plastic bags [Globe and Mail]
• Mayor plans to put lid on plastic bag ban [Globe and Mail]
• Toronto’s ‘ludicrous’ plastic bag ban was a rush move [Globe and Mail]
• Ford vows to trash plastic bag ban [The Sun]
• Quote of the Day: Rob Ford on why the plastic bag ban is all your fault [Open File]

• The Fixer: One fish, two fish, no water for you fish [Toronto Star]
• Construction work caused flood at Union Station: city [National Post]
• Pride Toronto gets grant despite apartheid controversy [National Post]