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Friday’s headlines

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• Toronto’s 10 worst streets for traffic gridlock [Toronto Star]
• Toronto’s most congested intersections [Toronto Star]
• Jarvis bike lane could be saved [Toronto Star]
• Toronto to tackle congestion at city’s traffic problem spots [National Post]
• How do we fix Allen Road? The Grid’s suggestions, from simple to ambitious [Open File]

• Union ordered to cover TTC’s legal fees in four-year fight over $1,744 loss [National Post]
• TTC joins with Ryerson to study customer complaints [The Sun]
• The Spadina Bus is Coming Back, Temporarily [Torontoist]
• TTC partnering with Ryerson to examine 10 years of complaints (and the occasional compliment) [Open File]
• Metrolinx protests that it does too have a plan to pay for transit, you just can’t see it yet [Open File]

• Fort York targeted for rejuvenation [Globe and Mail]
• Honouring ghosts of 1812 [The Sun]
• Fort York gets a big donation from Weston family, still won’t be revamped in time [Open File]

Toronto gets green light to sell public housing [Globe and Mail]
• Toronto bag ban says a lot about Ford’s administration [Globe and Mail]
• Shiner threatens development ban to push transit funding [The Sun]
• City hasn’t bagged any lawsuits over ban [The Sun]

• Waterfront residents question plan to dump debris off island airport [Toronto Star]
• Waterfront Toronto considers streetcar alternatives [Toronto Star]

• ‘Stunning’ Harbourfront parking garage comes with art, natural light [Toronto Star]
• Garage mahal? New Harbourfront Centre parking lot costly, but adds public space to the waterfront [Open File]

• Fiorito: Nomanzland put stories of Jane-Finch neighbourhood on stage [Toronto Star]
• Striking Peel workers involved in minor mishaps with cars [Toronto Star]
• Politicians endorse $65,000 pilot project for electric vehicle charging stations [National Post]
• Four years after high-rise explosion, safety measures not in place [Globe and Mail]
• Minister gives green light to sell 65 TCHC-owned houses [National Post]
• What happens to city trees after they die? [Open File]
• The beer store’s history of ample parking [Open File]
• Toronto’s school roofs are about to get greener [Open File]


  1. The Star article on congestion talks about condos being the culprit up on Sheppard. They don’t seem to notice the larger trend: all of the “problem” locations are at the first major intersection (or section of road) upstream from a freeway interchange. The congestion corresponds to where traffic is funneled on and off of the freeway (or, at the first location where free-flowing traffic meets up with a stoplight).

  2. Also missed is that being on a subway line did not offer a cure for congestion.  As I have said many times before,until Toronto does something to attaract employment development transit expansion should reconsidered.  The notion of the GTA being a mono centric city needs to be layed to rest.