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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Cycling review calls for side guards for trucks, helmets for cyclists [Toronto Star]
• Helmets should be mandatory for all cyclists through Ontario: Chief Coroner report [National Post]
• Coroner probing deaths wants cyclists in helmets [Globe and Mail]
• Cycling deaths ‘preventable,’ coroner says [The Sun]
• Son promotes safety measure after dad killed on bicycle [The Sun]
• For bike safety, Chief Coroner recommends side guards on trucks and mandatory helmet laws [Open File]

• The Fixer: High marks for relocated stop sign at Markham school [Toronto Star]
• Game of Hoods: West Bend vs. Beaconsfield Village [National Post]
• Game of Hoods: Playter Estates vs. Don Mills [National Post]
• Latest Toronto landmark to win a prestigious award is… a parking lot? [Open File]

• Posted Toronto Political Panel: Doug Ford sets his sights on provincial politics, but why? [National Post]
• ‘I could have done better,’ Ford says after final weigh-in at 313 lbs [Globe and Mail]
• Councillor wants unfinished development punished [The Sun]
• Toronto’s Harmonized Zoning Bylaw is back: try to stay awake, because this is important [Open File]

• Make-A Wish-sends thrill seekers rappelling down city hall to raise money for children [Toronto Star]
• It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Steve ‘Spidey’ Murray [National Post]
• Rapelling down City Hall for a good cause [The Sun]
• NatPo reporter climbs down City Hall dressed as Spider-Man [Open File]

• Humber islands plan could solve soil dumping woes [Toronto Star]
• James: Wanted: Citizen TTC leaders with wisdom, vision — and patience [Toronto Star]


  1. Here we go again, mandatory helmet for cyclists. I bet if all pedestrians and drivers wear helmet, some of them would survive accidents that they wouldn’t without helmet. So let us do it, mandatory helmet for everybody.

    P.S. I do wear helmet most of the time, but it is just my choice.

  2. The problem with mandatory bicycle helmet laws (MHL), is nobody has proven helmets accomplish anything other then reducing the weight of the riders wallet. The only way to do so is to have a repeatable crash, with and without a helmet and then compare injuries. There are many ways to crash, but really only 3 scenarios. Head hits immovable, solid object, head hits movable or object that gives way, head misses object. The ground would be considered an immovable solid object.

    Australia, I know a few riders from Australia, yes head injuries dropped 37%, what the helmet law people don’t tell you, riding dropped 50%.