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Friday’s headlines

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• Could GO be the answer to expanding Toronto transit? [Toronto Star]
• Hume: Transit is the key as cities now grow faster than suburbs [Toronto Star]
• Transit funding strategy a welcome sight, says Toronto Board of Trade [Toronto Star]
• TTC pays tribute to first woman driver hired permanently post-Second World War [Toronto Star]
• Podcast: On the Stintz plan and why transit nirvana may never arrive [National Post]
• Toronto councillors pick sides in OneCity transit battle [National Post]
• Chris Selley: OneCity should be the start of a transit discussion, not the end [National Post]
• Suburban leaders oppose Stintz’s transit-tax proposal [Globe and Mail]
• Stintz’s ward set for transit tax slug [The Sun]
• TTC tax plan faces opposition [The Sun]
• Will OneCity Unify Council on Transit? [Torontoist]
• Can OneCity succeed? Some history lessons from transit politics [Open File]
• The OneCity backstory: 4 councillors, 3 months, 1 plan [Open File]
• First impressions on OneCity are in, and they’re (mostly) positive [Open File]

• TTC driver involved in incident with Mayor Rob Ford [Toronto Star]
• TTC driver ‘spoken to’ after incident with Mayor Ford [Globe and Mail]
• Ford playing catch-up [The Sun]

• Downsview Park official says new Edgefest stage planned on site of fatal Radiohead stage collapse [Toronto Star]
• Crooked Junction: Construction sends Toronto house tilting [Globe and Mail]
• Anti-competitive unions a joke [The sun]
• T.O. streets getting food aplenty [The Sun]
• Bike station gets Doug Ford steamed [The Sun]
• New City Hall parking measures closer [The Sun]
• Flushfile: Where is Canada’s best public bathroom? [Open File]