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Wednesday’s headlines

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• Tanner Zurkoski is living in a car for a month to show how bad Toronto commuters have it [Toronto Star]
• DiManno: Subway-hugger Ford needs to look at Stintz’s visionary chutzpah [Toronto Star]
• Openroad: Rules for sharing the road, coast to coast [Open File]

• Pan Am Games funding questioned by MPP Rod Jackson [Toronto Star]
• Province highlights winning bid for $158-million PanAm aquatics centre [Globe and Mail]
• As Pan Am 2015 countdown continues, event venues are still not locked in [Open File]

• Mayor Rob Ford says he didn’t drive past open streetcar door [Toronto Star]
• Streetcar driver ‘accosted’ me, Ford says of run-in with TTC [Globe and Mail]
• Ford says he didn’t pass open streetcar doors [The Sun]
• Mammoliti to recommend city leave child care to province: Source [The Sun]
• Councillor wants to trim Toronto’s barber bylaw [The Sun]
• Ford opposes businesses still charging bag fee [The Sun]
• Mayor Ford’s approval rating slips, poll finds [The Sun]

• Toronto beaches a filthy mess after the Canada Day long weekend [Toronto Star]
• The Fixer: Battered section of Avenue Rd. guard rail is weak link in the fence [Toronto Star]
• Toronto ranks 8th in world in revised liveability index [Toronto Star]
• Pricey repair bills on the chopping block at TDSB [Globe and Mail]
• What do trees say about a neighbourhood? [Open File]
• Don Mills school opens time capsule from ’91, finds newspapers and a Big Mac [Open File]
• What to do with busted-down condo towers? (Lessons from Singapore, Japan, Israel) [Open File]
• Toronto’s Batman infatuation goes a step too far [Open File]
• Does Parkdale need another parking lot? Well, it’s getting one anyway [Open File]