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Thursday’s headlines

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• TTC head Stintz’s OneCity transit plan struggles for support [Toronto Star]
• TTC lawsuit: jury dismisses $1.6 million claim [Toronto Star]
• TTC ready to adopt debit payments for Metropasses [Toronto Star]

• Hazel McCallion wants to ban plastic bags [Toronto Star]
• Mississauga may follow Toronto lead in plastic bag ban [National Post]
• McCallion floats plastic-bag ban [Globe and Mail]
• Grocery stores continue to nickel and dime for plastic bags [The Sun]
• More than bag fee needed to make grocers green: Toronto Environmental Alliance [The Sun]
• Mississauga may try Toronto’s plastic ban; this time with an actual process [Open File]

• Departures of top staff prompt fears skills ‘slipping away’ from City Hall [National Post]
• Ford’s office goes on Twitter attack over Vaughan’s comments [The Sun]
• Vaughan wants to start Two for Toronto program [The Sun]

• New federal marine safety standards force Toronto ferries to carry fewer people [Toronto Star]
• Politicians given a chance to see Toronto through Fresh Eyes [Toronto Star]
• Urban forest feels the burn in Toronto heat wave [Toronto Star]
• Pan Am Games organizers spending $250K to spread pianos throughout Toronto [National Post]
• SIU clears Toronto police officer who punched Occupy protester in the face [Globe and Mail]
• Toronto slips on Economist’s livable cities list [The Sun]
• Toronto Zoo board wants elephants moved ASAP [The Sun]
• Is there any alternative to the “Manhattanization” of Toronto? [Open File]
• Does anyone want to be Toronto’s chief planner? (Another candidate says no.) [Open File]