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Wednesday’s headlines

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• OneCity: Councillors set to tussle over TTC chair Karen Stintz’s transit plan [Toronto Star]
• Scarborough subway back on the table after Stintz’s ‘flip flop’ [Globe and Mail]
• OneCity battle lines drawn for council debate [The Sun]

• The Fixer: TTC bus riders need to keep an eye on uneven sidewalk [Toronto Star]
• Officials flagged holes in plan to pay for Sheppard subway [Globe and Mail]

• Rob Ford’s chief of staff job down to two candidates [Toronto Star]
• Posted Toronto Political Panel: Is Rob Ford working hard or hardly working? [National Post]
• Ford backs new football facility for Central Tech [The Sun]
• Can Ford’s proposed budget freeze even make it through his own committee? [Open File]

• Councillor takes aim at ‘old boys club’ overseeing rising pay for Toronto Hydro execs [National Post]
• Councillor sues Richmond Hill over ‘illegal’ bylaw on development meetings [National Post]
• Lindsay Luby angry at Toronto Hydro wage increases [The Sun]

• $180M pricetag for killing Mississauga power plant ‘outrageous’: NDP [National Post]
• Can’t repair city-owned Cabbagetown heritage buildings, housing committee says [National Post]
• No solutions in TCHC ‘Suggestions for Action’ [The Sun]
• Three-year countdown to Toronto Pan Am Games [The Sun]
• More data from Toronto’s real estate market is… surprising [Open File]
• Peter Kent says Queen’s Park is using deficit as an excuse to stall Rouge [Open File]
• Yes, Toronto, your beaches are safe to swim in (on almost any day) [Open File]
• City studying plan to put a park on top of McCowan Road [Open File]
• Astral doesn’t think cARTographyTO’s campaign against info-pillars is funny [Open File]