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Friday’s headlines

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• Downtown not the place to raise kids, says Toronto Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday [Toronto Star]
• Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday’s remark draws strong reaction from families raising kids downtown [Toronto Star]
• Deputy Mayor says downtown not ‘ideal’ place to raise children [National Post]
• Toronto’s deputy mayor faces backlash over disparaging downtown living [Globe and Mail]
• Downtown not a place to raise kids: Holyday [The Sun]
• Doug Holyday gets grumpy about families downtown, Ed Keenan responds with facts [Open File]

• Toronto’s hot dog carts allowed to expand menus [Toronto Star]
• DiManno: When will Toronto street food reflect its population? [Toronto Star]
• Toronto street food pales before other North American cities [Toronto Star]
• New rules for Toronto food carts open door to whole new menu [Globe and Mail]
• Toronto council adds more flavour to street food carts [The Sun]
• Toronto Council makes it official: slightly less absurd restrictions on hot dog carts [Open File]

• Defying Mayor Rob Ford, Toronto councillors loosen office expense limit [Toronto Star]
• Budget chief says councillors ‘not serious’ about spending cuts as office rent motion passes [National Post]
• Gravy train chugs back into City Hall [The Sun]
• Toronto council shoots down Vaughan bullet ban [The Sun]
• Council won’t be talking Toronto Zoo elephants [The Sun]
• Toronto council loosens rules on office budgets [The Sun]

• Toronto transit: A history of failed plans [Toronto Star]
• TTC construction creates traffic headache at Queen and Spadina [National Post]
• Podcast: Karen Stintz’s stumble and Rob Ford’s finesse [National Post]
• Karen Stintz says next transit plan ‘will look very similar to OneCity’ [National Post]
• Fee hike boosts profit for GTA toll road [Globe and Mail]
• City council derails Stintz subway plan [Globe and Mail]
• Council tries to plan Toronto transit in wake of OneCity failure [The sun]
• Council derails OneCity transit plan [The Sun]
• Amidst the planning chaos, Toronto looks at some bizarre transit options [Open File]

• Telephone booth public art ignites a ‘fiery’ debate [Toronto Star]
• Exploding glass not a clear cut issue for developers [Toronto Star]

• Some shoppers irked by stores giving plastic bag proceeds to charity [National Post]
• Sports leagues using city fields will soon have to pay to play [Globe and Mail]
• Toronto eyes fishing pier on waterfront [The Sun]
• Toronto hires Jim Sales for fire chief [The Sun]
• Smartphone app brings ice cream to your Toronto location [The Sun]
• Alexandra Park Revs Up For Complete Revitalization [Torontoist]
• Can crowdfunding build cities? (Should it have to?) [Open File]
• Quote of the Day: 109OZ, condos and NIMBYism [Open File]
• Breaking Bylaws: The deal on smoking cigarettes in Toronto [Open File]