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Monday’s headlines

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• Mayor Rob Ford cuts proposed bonuses; Doug Ford suggests bonuses for councillors [Toronto Star]
• Councillors want city to allow landlords to turn heat off earlier when it’s hot out [National Post]
• Mayor Ford wins motion to limit executive pay increases [Globe and Mail]
• Toronto council votes to intervene in gun registry suit [The Sun]
• Mayor votes with left in curbing non-union raises, bonuses [The Sun]
• Doug Ford supports bonus pay for councillors [The Sun]
• Councillors at the trough ‘appalling,’ Ford says [The Sun]
• Solar power! A park for 11 Wellesley! And more! Council clears some motions as Ford loses more votes [Open File]

• Toronto City Council’s inadvertent favour for Mayor Rob Ford [Toronto Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford silently votes against every community grants program, again [Toronto Star]
• Rob Ford lands backing of top Bay Street political fundraiser [Globe and Mail]
• Messaging and memos: An inside look at the Ford Nation playbook [Globe and Mail]

• GTA residents warming to density: Pembina/RBC report [Toronto Star]
• Last houses standing: Toronto military neighbourhood built in 1953 to be dismantled as early as this fall [National Post]
• Holyday’s negative view of downtown Toronto has support [The Sun]
• Downtown living has enriched our family, father says [Open File]

• Civic Action: Bringing the Toronto region the transit, and leadership, it needs [National Post]
• New advocacy council seeks to widen debate on transit in Hamilton and GTA [Globe and Mail]

• City loses bid to shut down hotdog carts despite multiple health violations [Toronto Star]
• Urban Animals: Wild ex-pets serve as lessons to city slickers [Toronto Star]
• Storm causes flooding, road closures in Toronto [Toronto Star]
• Thunderstorms across the city cause flash floods, landslides [National Post]
• Will Toronto be ready to host the 2015 Pan Am Games? [National Post]
• Toronto street parking rates going up [The Sun]
• Build Toronto looking to sell city-owned Quarry Lands in Scarborough; local golf range probably out of luck [Open File]