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Friday’s headlines

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• Hume: Tory report on Ontario Place too sensible to be implemented [Toronto star]
• Sell off chunk of Ontario Place to developers, maybe for condos: John Tory [National Post]
• Turn Ontario Place into multi-use complex, report urges [Globe and Mail]
• Where are the Ontario Place funds? [The Sun]
• John Tory suggests park, development for Ontario Place [The Sun]
• Ontario Place deserves a future: Blizzard [The Sun]
• Tory’s recommendations for Ontario Place are many and diverse—here’s five [Open File]

• Mayor Rob Ford explains meeting with former neo-Nazi band member [Toronto Star]
• Toronto trade mission to Chicago in works [Toronto Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford poses with neo-Nazi musician (who is in uniform), says he wasn’t aware of his views [National Post]
• Mayor Ford denies knowledge of former neo-Nazi musician’s identity [Globe and Mail]
• Rob Ford takes heat for New Year’s levee photo with neo-Nazi [The Sun]
• Mayor’s office statement on neo-Nazi pic [The Sun]

• More police officers to patrol Toronto after series of public shooting [National Post]
• Toronto police chief announces increased policing, longer shifts for officers [Globe and Mail]

• TTC to hire 500 new operators in 2012 [National Post]
• Notes on a car-free summer: the relapse [Open File]
• Metrolinx not ready to follow LA’s lead for bikes on trains [Open File]

• Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon gets a new path through downtown [Toronto Star]
• Editorial: It’s no-Wynne at City Hall [The Sun]