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Toronto from above — big, green and beautiful — a photo essay from a helicopter by Shawn Micallef

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This week in my Toronto Star column I write about a helicopter ride I tagged along on last Friday with photographer Cindy Blazevic as she snapped pics of the University of Toronto’s three campuses. Read the column at the Star, but here’s a load of iPhone photos I took — they aren’t perfect, there is some glare off the helicopter glass. Cindy was buckled in (one little buckle) and her door was removed so she could hang out and take clear photos — something I could never do lest I vomit over the GTA and faint. The photos roughly follow our ride from the Island Airport to Mississauga, St. George and Scarborough campuses and back. Some have also been put through instagram filters.























































  1. Those are some neat pictures.  I am a sucker for aerial photography.

    Only one quibble: someone at the Star mislabeled a shot of the south DVP and Riverdale as “Kingston/Galloway” in the print edition!

  2. Great pics. Really enjoyable. It reminds us how green and leafy Toronto really is in the summertime.