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  1. You should mention the $450 cost per session lest Harbourfront Centre be flooded with poor kids wanting to play.

  2. It is a great Idea,I beleive schools should be encouraged to make students aware of such thing.

  3. Hi Amber,

    Was this program sponsored by the Ontario Association of Architects..?


  4. Hey Aaron, Harbourfront Centre does have something called the “Kids First” programme that gives financial aid to children in need, so hopefully that’s enough so that kids from all situations are able to attend. 

    And Oliver, the program is not sponsored by the Ontario Association of Architects, but the director of the camp says they would be great for future camps – so stay tuned!

  5. Hey Amber, the financial aid given will only reduce the fees 25-50% for a few lucky applicants. Better than nothing, but $200+ is still UMC territory. Just look at the photos and tell me which demographic Harbourfront Centre caters to.