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Friday’s headlines

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Toronto garbage outsourcing: Friction builds between GFL, Ford administration over delays [Toronto Star]
Garbage pickup delays persist [Globe and Mail]

Art of bicycle maintenance puts young workers on a new path [Toronto Star]
How to store streetcar tracks without blocking driveways, pedestrians: Drop them in bike lanes [National Post]
Councillors looks for ways to make TTC tracks safer [Globe and Mail]

Hume: Breathing life into the Port Lands [Toronto Star]
Waterfront Toronto will look to private sector to fund redevelopment of Port Lands [National Post]
Port Lands five-phase revitalization plan to take 30 years [Globe and Mail]
Updating T.O.’s waterfront vision [The Sun]
Your Guide to the New New Port Lands Plan [Torontoist]
The new Port Lands plan takes the Port industry into account. Why didn’t the first one? [Open File]
New Port Lands plan a bit smaller, starting sooner, once we have the money [Open File]

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford discharged from hospital [Toronto Star]
Rob Ford to return to City Hall after being released from hospital [National Post]
‘Healthy as a horse’ Toronto Mayor ‘doing everything doctors told me not to do’ [Globe and Mail]
Mayor to forgo 3-per-cent Toronto council pay raise [Globe and Mail]
Ford released from hospital [The Sun]

Investors submit plan for $325M, 20,000-seat Markham arena [National Post]
Clean transit group wants diesel vs. electric analysis ahead of Pan Am Games [Globe and Mail]
Oshawa ethanol plant given the green light [The Sun]
Mandel: Gambling on the courts [The Sun]
Pearson train battle goes to court [The Sun]
For commuters, new CityPlace footbridge a welcome development [Open File]

Historic Joy Oil station languishes on the Lake Shore [Toronto Star]
Toronto’s Diner en Blanc pops up at Fort York [Toronto Star]
Party to launch Humber bridge sculptures postponed [Toronto Star]
Strobel: Politicians live longer [The Sun]
New boss, new day at TCHC [The Sun]
Did Queen’s Park kill Ontario Place based on a lie? The Star’s Bob Hepburn thinks so [Open File]