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Video: The invisible bicycle helmet

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Two design students who hate bike helmets (one says they’re like “a hard mushroom on your head”) took it upon themselves to create something impossible: an invisible bicycle helmet. Their solution is deceptively simple, but it’s a bit less “invisible” than advertised; ultimately, if you want to protect yourself, some sort of protective fungi has to appear around your skull.



  1. Unfortunately the Hovding airbag helmets are 3998 Swedish krona, or almost $600 Canadian 🙁

  2. An airbag for bicyclists. I get it!

    Have to think about it.

  3. I think they protest a bit too much about the uncomfortable “mushroom” on their heads — I put mine on and forget it’s there.

    Pretty neat though, nonetheless.

  4. I read an article on this a few weeks back and was over-the-moon. What an amazing piece of design and engineering.

    But I think saying it’s an “invisible” bike helmet actually misses the really revolutionary qualities.

    It’s a bike helmet that fits in a briefcase/backpack/purse/satchel–if you want people to wear helmets, making it easy to carry around with them is a massive win. Being one-size-fits-most (and being much easier to properly fit than a helmet) also makes helmet-sharing more viable. If they can switch from USB to near-field charging & status monitoring, these could even be provided at bixi stations.

    And for most crashes, their studies show it actually doing a better job mitigating head injuries than a properly-worn traditional helmet!

    Getting these into mass production and the price down could do a lot to increase cyclists’ safety on the injury-mitigation side of the coin.

  5. A nice thing about helmets is they don’t need batteries.

  6. This is really cool. But will probably remain in the expensive fancy gadget category.