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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered


  1. Just when you think that Doug Ford is walking away with the council championship for missing the point, along comes Minnan-Wong to defend his title…

  2. DMW doesn’t go far enough.  Why not ban cycling on all streets with streetcar tracks?  If a two-block, low-traffic, local street is a problem, logically Queen and Bathurst should be exponentially worse… right?

  3. Oh, my. Why doesn’t Minnan-Wong focus on car infrastructure of the city instead? That way, I am sure with the next fatal car accident he will propose banning cars from all roads, right?

  4. So Minnan-Wong wants to ban cycling on roads with un-used streetcar tracks. What an idiot. But I would also say that Layton and Mihvec are also idiots for bringing up a proposal to rip up un-used streetcar tracks because of the danger they posed to cyclists. How are “unused” streetcar tracks any more a hazard to cyclists than “used” streetcar tracks? Jeesh, I wish that our councillors across the political spectrum would stop and think for just two seconds before they came out with such lame-brain proposals.