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Friday’s headlines

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The Fixer: Crumbling ramp into Dufferin Grove Park is a hazard [Toronto Star]
Hume: Can old Toronto survive the new? [Toronto Star]
Power companies digging 2.4-km tunnel under Toronto for $115M cable upgrade [National Post]
Canadian International Air Show rolls into Toronto [The Sun]
TTC beefing up service on 34 routes [The Sun]

Krista Ford apologizes for ‘don’t dress like a whore’ tweet, hears from assault victim [Toronto Star]
Q&A: Alice Moran on Krista Ford’s tweet about ‘dressing like whores’ [Toronto Star]
Rob Ford’s niece Krista gives advice to women after sex assault news conference: ‘Don’t dress like a whore’ [National Post]

Rob Ford meets his buttery likeness at CNE [Toronto Star]
Mayor Rob Ford’s conflict of interest case rooted in donations he solicited from lobbyists [Toronto Star]
Facebook group plans ‘backyard Pride parade’ at Ford Fest [Toronto Star]
Rob Ford butters up visitors at the CNE as he stops by to see his likeness [National Post]
If they dismiss me, I’ll run again: Toronto Mayor defiant as court case looms [National Post]
Mayor goes to the Ex [The Sun]
Rob Ford’s having a party and everyone’s invited [The Sun]

Street art: Virtual museum aims to catalogue public art around the world [Toronto Star]

Time to talk teacher pensions [The Sun]
Public Works: Recalling Politicians [Torontoist]
What if rebuilding Regent Park were a board game? [Open File]
Android-happy cyclists, rejoice! Google launches audio bike navigation in Canada [Open File]