Introducing ByoLogyc CEO Chet Getram

Editor’s Note: To coincide with our Disaster issue, Spacing Toronto has teamed up with the transmedia, apocalyptic sci-fi project ZED.TO. Playing out across numerous events throughout the city, ZED.TO is a participation-based project that follows the fictitious bio-firm ByoLogyc in their quest for human perfection, and ultimately dooming humanity.

Meet Chet Getram, CEO of ByoLogyc from ByoLogyc on Vimeo.

Let me ask you a question…

When was the last time you finished a really tough morning workout in the Don Valley, and took the time in your exhausted, endorphin-rushed state to look up at the sky, imagining all the possibilities available to you?

Never you say? I don’t work out you say? Just imagine how much closer that blue-sky rush could be if you started living an enhanced life with the amazing products I help design every day.

As the CEO of ByoLogyc, one of the most successful biotech and lifestyle enhancement companies in the world, I want to invite you to join me on a special journey. It might seem like science fiction at times, but stay with me.

Let me introduce you to the next link in the ByoLogyc chain: ByoRetreats.

ByoRetreats are amazing new species of spaces where you can relax, refresh and renew. Sites where certified experts in synthetic biology are on hand to educate you about how you can get the most out of the incredible ByoLogyc products, from ByoMate to ByoGrow. But most importantly, ByoRetreats are safe escapes from the hectic city where you can create an action plan for incorporating ByoLogyc’s products into your everyday life.Learn more at

Much of the first ByoRetreat facility will be comprised of reclaimed materials and space. In the same way that nature recycles materials in its designs, we at ByoLogyc take the tired shell of our competitors’ customers, enhancing them to be more than they ever believed was possible. This is just one of the ways that the ByoRetreat concept feeds into the overall mission of ByoLogyc – Persistence, Potential, Perfection.

Although I cannot release the exact location of the first ByoRetreat, it will come as no surprise that it will be here in Toronto. Our city has proven itself to be an archetypal inspiration to the 21st century world and I am proud to be launching our first retreat here… even prouder to be announcing it on the Spacing Toronto blog, a nexus from which so much exciting thinking about the future of our urban system has emerged.

I look forward to cutting the ribbon on the very first ByoRetreat location this November, and having you with me for the special occasion. Make sure you join us… there is still a lot to do.


Chet Getram, CEO of ByoLogyc

Chet Getram is the CEO of ByoLogyc, a global leader in the commercialization of synthetic biology that has recently come under attack for its questionable ethics and poor management of internal conflict.  Meet Chet Getram at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto during Scotiabank Nuit Blanche for an intimate introduction to ByoLogyc’s vision of tomorrow.

To learn more about ByoLogyc and the beginning of the end of the world, visit ZED.TO


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