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Wednesday’s headlines

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Irony in Rob Ford being bounced over money [Toronto Sun]
About time Rob Ford started listening to those around him [Toronto Sun]
Rob Ford’s statement on conflict-of-interest ruling [Toronto Sun]
Mayor Rob Ford can’t run again until 2014: City solicitor [Toronto Sun]
Rob Ford: ‘I sincerely apologize’ [Toronto Sun]
DiManno: For a few precious hours, it really was all about football [Toronto Star]
Ford’s apology: ‘Looking back, maybe I could have expressed myself in a different way’ [Toronto Star]
‘I’m not finished yet’: Teary eyed Rob Ford apologizes, but vows fight to remain mayor of Toronto [National Post]
Top lawyer claims Ford can’t run again until 2014 as key ally urges mayor to rethink appeal [National Post]
Toronto Mayor Ford says sorry, but intends to fight for job [Globe & Mail]
Media from around the world chime in on Rob Ford’s troubles [Globe & Mail]

Rob Ford should let Doug Holyday take over: Mammoliti [Toronto Sun]
Josh Colle bails on joining Rob Ford’s executive committee [Toronto Sun]
Chow won’t rule out run for Toronto mayor [Toronto Sun]
Mayor or no mayor, it’s business as usual in Toronto [Toronto Star]
Rob Ford’s executive committee adds councillors who back his agenda [National Post]

• Toronto EMS parked in money-wasting mode [Toronto Sun]
Yes, Toronto, you have 10 minutes grace on the meter [Toronto Star]
• Toronto Council votes to send zoo’s elephants to California — again [Toronto Star]
• Toronto sending zoo’s three elephants to California [Globe & Mail]
• Argonauts host rare victory parade for Toronto sports fans [Globe & Mail]

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  1. The idea that Doug Ford run in place of his brother is a just plain dumb idea. Rarely agree with Mamolliti but it is far better that Deputy Mayor Holyday be appointed interim Mayor to complete the term and the City get some relief from both another election and the Ford brother sideshow. Question; If there is a by-election does the winner get a full 4 year term or only get to end this term in 2014 in which case we end up with two elections in two years that will be incredibly unproductive?