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  1. Why do people keep suggesting Ford’s a martyr or that this trial verdict will help him? Toronto is not Washington DC and Ford is not Marion Barry or a cat with 9 lives. 

    Please use some common sense when analyzing Ford’s chances: he will never be able to repeat 2010. He got 47%. He can only go down from there. In a head to head he loses.  Once he hits 40% there is a good chance he’ll lose even in a 3-way race. 

    And recent polls have shown that 3/5 of his support in 2010 would vote for him again. That means only 28% support from the electorate. That is Jane Pitfield numbers. 

  2. I agree with YU. What Walkon does not mention is that I think two elections in two years will be incredibly disruptive and City Hall would be even more paralyzed than with Ford as mayor. 

  3. @Lee

    You may want to take the chance at a by-election, I don’t. If he can manage 40%, he is very likely to win in a 3-way race. I don’t quite trust polls either, given the accuracy from last election. All I know is that the surest way to get rid of him for good is to wait for election 2014, when the electoral has a better chance to make a more rational choice, rather than an emotionally charged by-election.