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Urban Planet: 100% recycled bike

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Desiging the world’s first 100% recycled bicycle wasn’t easy, but company The ReCycle was able to overcome major challenges to present the world with this innovative ride. With a renewable cork seat and a stylish belt drive, The ReCycle’s bicycle is sure to suit environmentalists and riders right around the world.

Image courtesy The ReCycle

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  1. Belt drives are only any good if you use carbon fiber reinforced belts to prevent stretching and energy loss. I doubt that they’ve devised a way to recycle anything that complex. Either they are using a non-recycled belt, or it sucks.

    I’d be concerned about the frame material too. It’s pretty easy to have a recycled alloy that’s weaker than what was recycled. And what alloy are they using? You never hear of bike bike makers making their own tubing. If they are using a recycled alloy because it’s recycled rather than one of the standard alloys used in bicycle tubing, it sucks.

    I remember, as a child, we were told to collect pop can tabs for re-use and reconstitution as wheelchairs for the disadvantaged. Then it turned out that the recycled aluminum was too weak, so they sold them for scrap and bought wheel chairs. That was about 20 years ago, but the manufacturers will have to address this issue.

    This site is long on design and green slogans, and short on information. Seems like a greenwash shit-show to me.

  2. And what’s with the frame? Did they leave out a seat tube just to make me angry?

    Clearly the bottom bracket is on the down tube so that they don’t need a detachable chainstay or seatstay for mounting the belt, but it sure it damned ugly.

    If you want a more environmentally friendly bike, buy a used ones. Decent bikes, well-maintained, will last damn near forever.

    Those bastards.

  3. Their bike is bad and they should feel bad.