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Wednesday’s Headlines

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Gardiner Expressway $4M environmental assessment revived [Toronto Sun]
Gardiner Expressway study to be resurrected [Toronto Star]
Toronto’s budget committee opts to restart Gardiner’s environmental assessment [National Post]
Gardiner teardown once again an option [Globe & Mail]

OLG chair Paul Godfrey called out on ‘stupid comment’ about downtown casino site [Toronto Star]
‘This isn’t just a casino or a slot box’: OLG President Paul Godfrey claims Toronto gaming facility is ‘tremendous opportunity’ [National Post]
Councillor, OLG chair bicker over placement of possible Toronto casino [Globe & Mail]

Case of G20 police commander behind notorious ‘kettling’ incidents put over for two months [National Post]
Misconduct case for Toronto police officer in G20 ‘kettling’ put over [Globe & Mail]

‘Business as usual’ at city hall? Debatable [Toronto Sun]
Mayor Rob Ford dodges questions about court case [Toronto Sun]
Lindsay Luby offers to be caretaker mayor [Toronto Sun]
Ford allies Councillor Mike Del Grande and Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday stay in current jobs [Toronto Star]

• Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair: Bring back photo radar to save cash [Toronto Star]
• Arts and Gardiner repairs benefit as Toronto’s 2012 surplus doubles to $232 million [Toronto Star]
• Budget committee suspends hiring freeze, hires 10 new full-time paramedics [National Post]