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Monday’s headlines

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• Rob Ford slams TTC chair Karen Stintz over newsstand deal [Toronto Star]
• Rob Ford verdict chilling effect: Can you afford to fight City Hall? [Toronto Star]
• Mayor Rob Ford — and Toronto — get a second chance [Toronto Star]
• Why Rob Ford may yet be ousted from the mayor’s office [Globe and Mail]
• Ford wins. Legal limbo remains [Globe and Mail]
• Time for Mayor Rob Ford to push ahead [The Sun]
• Posted Toronto Political Panel: City hall circus will continue not that Rob Ford has won his appeal [National Post]
• Steve Murray: Mayor Rob Ford fails to learn anything from his legal battle [National Post]

• Strollers on the TTC: how else to take the kiddies to the park? [Toronto Star]
• Mayor vows ‘to get to the bottom’ of sole-source deal by TTC [Globe and Mail]
• Ease up, stroller warriors, and try a little tenderness [Globe and Mail]
• Mayor Rob Ford wants to talk subways with Ontario’s new premier [The Sun]
• Mayor Rob Ford promises probe into sole-sourced TTC deal [The Sun]

• Presto card machines not standing up to deep freeze [The Sun]
• Info Booth: What exactly is a woonerf, anyway? [National Post]