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Tuesday’s headlines

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• Toronto Mayor Rob Ford would lose re-election bid against Tory, Chow or Stintz: poll [Globe and Mail]
• Posted Toronto Political Panel: City hall circus will continue now that Rob Ford has won his appeal [National Post]
• Poll Position: Mayoral Match-ups [Torontoist]

• Councillor Ana Bailao pleads guilty to driving over the legal limit [Toronto Star]
• Councillor’s guilty plea comes a bit late [Globe and Mail]
• Councillor Ana Bailao pleads guilty to drunk driving [National Post]
• Ana Bailao’s statement on her drinking and driving guilty plea [The Sun]
• Councillor Ana Bailao admits drinking and driving was ‘bad choice’ [The Sun]

• Hume: TTC newsstand deal ignores riders [Toronto Star]
• TTC by the kilometre? Distance-based fares could help pay for expanded transit [Toronto Star]
• Campaign to explore future of Toronto transit unveiled by chief planner [Globe and Mail]
• Rob Ford upset over sole-sourced contract because he doesn’t ‘understand’ bid to control TTC newstands: Karen Stintz [National Post]
• Duly Quoted: Kathleen Wynne [Torontoist]
• Wynne won’t rule out tolls for transit [The Sun]
• Mayor welcome to look into TTC newsstand deal, Stintz says [The Sun]

• Toronto casino: Sands chain makes its pitch to businesspeople [Toronto Star]
• Las Vegas Sands supports a casino at convention centre [Globe and Mail]
• Toronto Casino would give Convention Centre a ‘boost,’ says president of one of the companies vying to build [National Post]
• Las Vegas Sands makes pitch for casino at Metro Toronto Convention Centre [The Sun]

One comment

  1. I have real problems with the language in this transit-funding report. Excerpt:

    “Second, fares do not depend on when trips are taken even though transit ridership and
    crowding vary predictably by time of day and day of week. Failure to charge higher prices
    in peak hours creates an incentive to over-invest in public transit infrastructure and to
    provide greater capacity than can be justified on efficiency grounds. A lack of peak-load
    charges is often complicated by the availability of quantity discounts. Discounts are used
    primarily by rush-hour travellers, the practice effectively lowers the price per trip at peak
    times, when fares should be higher rather than lower. As well, lower fares for seniors,
    children, and students are difficult to justify – especially at peak times. Subsidies granted
    on the basis of age or status rather than income are difficult to support on any grounds.”

    This is inconsistent with the way the world actually works because transit does not exist in a vaccuum, it competes with cars. This needs further discussion.