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Monday’s headlines

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• Mayor Rob Ford exceeded election spending limit, audit suggests [Toronto Star]
• Posted Toronto Political Panel: Good grief, it costs a grotesque amount of money to become Mayor of Toronto [National Post]
• Toronto mayor Rob Ford spent $40K over the legal limit in 2010 campaign, report claims [National Post]
• An anonymous tip, a ‘conspiracy,’ and $40,000 in overspending: Mammoliti’s campaign under review [Globe and Mail]
• Ford backs Di Giorgio for budget chief [Globe and Mail]
• Ford campaign broke spending rules, audit finds [Globe and Mail]
• Mayor Rob Ford mum on election spending audit [The Sun]
• Campaign overspending a matter of opinion, Mammoliti says [The Sun]

• Anti-casino forces see public support as they take on the giants [Toronto Star]
• Where Toronto councillors stand on a casino [Toronto Star]

• U.K. architect Will Alsop designs Yonge St. condo for North Toronto: Hume [Toronto Star]
• Drawn T.O. [National Post]
• ‘Stuck in the dark ages’: Despite loyal customers, Toronto’s once thriving bingo halls struggling to stay open [National Post]
• Hope T.O.’s top planner can shake things up [The Sun]
• Making a case for high-speed rail [The Sun]