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Bike-powered urban farming documentary

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Filmmaker Sasha Thomas recently released this short documentary on Toronto’s City Seed Farms and its founder Erica Lemieux.

Lemieux’s “bicycle-powered urban farming business” focuses on SPIN (Small Plot Intensive) farming, harvesting gardens in front and backyards belonging to home owners who have donated their land for farmers to use. Dedicated to sustainable food production, City Seed Farms has been featured in Yonge Street, the Toronto Star, Shameless Magazine, and on Metro Morning.



  1. Encouraging stuff, and bonus to have the bike boost too.
    Soil quality ie. poisoning might be a concern, especially with some yards ie. front ones due to lead from past car use.
    Maybe there should be a 5 cent a litre tax to recapture all that lead hmm?
    The current Mother Jones has new details on crime/lead links, and also Pb is still used in aviation fuels?