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The Royal Spacing Lawn Bowling Society: Do you want casual nights or a league?

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Lawn-bowling-society-of-logoLast summer, Spacing got into the lawn bowling racket. We created the pompously-titled Royal Spacing Lawn Bowling Society of Toronto which hosted three nights of learning to lawn bowl at the West Toronto Lawn Bowling Club, attracting up to 30 people at each occasion. And we want to do it again this summer, but we need a bit of feedback first before we start to organize the 2013 season.

It’s clear that enough people want to take part in this (we’ve already received a handful of emails asking about it), be we need to know if our readers would like to take part in a league with teams amongst ourselves or just participate in casual events like last year. A league would entail eight nights of bowling (twice a month on a specific day from June to the end of September), while the casual bowling nights would be offered once a month. Each night of bowling (in either format) would cost $15 (rental of balls — aka “bowls” — and club space).

Leave a comment below to tell us your preference.



  1. I had a lot of fun at one of last year’s lawn bowling nights. I’d sign up for either format.

  2. Casual, please! I didn’t manage to make it out for last year’s events before the tickets were sold out. I find leagues to hard to sign up for because of my erratic schedule. But would hopefully be able to make it this summer.

  3. If its close to my home, I would totally sign up for a league. If its in the other end of the city, I’d only be willing to bike over for a one night event.

  4. Glad this is going to keep going this summer! My vote is definitely for the casual events.

  5. I would be interested in a league. My partner and I attended the event, and it made us consider joining the league, but joining with spacing folk would be even better!

  6. I have several collegues that woudl be interested in either a league or a few casual nights as well!

  7. I’d like both……casual and league….if that’s doable

  8. I didnt play last year but would be interested in joing you for casual games

  9. I like the idea of a league, but my schedule is all over the place in the summer. Also if it’s casual, more people can participate. Plus frankly I was really, really awful at it last year. Casual is more fun for newbies.