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Spacing presents Jarrett Walker lecture Wednesday


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WHAT: Jarrett Walker lecture
WHERE: U of T, Fitzgerald Building, Room 103, 150 College St.
WHEN: Wednesday, June 19th, 7pm-9pm
COST: $5 (Reserved tickets are sold out — see note below)

jarrett-walker-sold out

PLEASE NOTE: 130 tickets have already been reserved (please pay your $5 ticket price when you arrive at the door). If you do not show up with your reserved ticket by 7pm it will be made available to the public. There are 50 tickets available for walk-up purchase. 

Spacing — in partnership with CodeRedTO and the University of Toronto Institute of Transportation Engineers Student Chapter, and U of T’s Cities Centre — is happy to present Jarrett Walker’s lecture “Abundant Access: Public Transit as an Instrument of Freedom”. There will be a Q&A session after Walker’s lecture.

Walker is one of the most active and vocal advocates for public transit. He believes that transit can be simple, if we focus first on the underlying geometry that all transit technologies share. In his talk here in Toronto, Walker supplies the basic tools, the critical questions, and the means to make smarter decisions about designing and implementing transit services.

In his book Human Transit (Island Press, 2013) — which will be available for purchase at the event — explains the fundamental geometry of transit that shapes successful systems; the process for fitting technology to a particular community; and the local choices that lead to transit-friendly development. Whether you are in the field or simply a concerned citizen, here is an accessible guide to achieving successful public transit that will enrich any community.

Walker has been designing public transit systems for over 20 years. He is an independent consultant in North America and Principal Consultant with MRCagney in Australia. He writes the popular transit blog