More info on Spacing’s 10th anniversary party!

WHAT: Spacing’s 10th anniversary party & 30th edition release party
WHEN: Tuesday, December 10th, 7:30pm-1:00am
WHERE: The Great Hall, 1087 Queen West
COST: $10 (includes copy of new issue) $5 if you make us a birthday card (see below)
RSVP: Please let us know on Facebook if you plan to attend (not required but helpful)

The release of Spacing’s 30th edition also marks the magazine’s 10th anniversary. Our editors take a look back at the last 10 years of urbanism and city-building. We invite you to come to our party and celebrate this milestone with us.

This may be Toronto The Good but that doesn’t mean we can’t dance! Our resident DJs Track Meet (Ed Keenan and Dave Morris) return to the decks to make you dance.

Rannie Turingan, one of Spacing’s longest serving photographers, will be manning a photo station. Come get our portrait taken with our props.

You can get into the event for $5 if you make us a birthday card. No store-bought stuff: this needs to be made with your hands or design skills. Show up to the party with the card and get in for half-price. After the party we will post a gallery of the birthday cards submitted.

We are going to rope off a small area at The Great Hall where you cannot talk about Rob Ford. In this area, the city will be free from this huge embarrassment. Your phones will be wiretapped once you enter the area so that we can enforce the Rob Ford-free-ness.

We will have a few fun activities for you to take part in. You’ll see what they are at the party.