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Spacing presents: A Decade’s Dose of Imagery — photos by Sam Javanrouh exhibit


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WHAT: Spacing presents A Decade’s Dose of Imagery — an exhibit of Sam Javanrouh’s photos
WHEN: March 24th to April 26th, 2014
WHERE: Urbanspace Gallery (401 Richmond St. W.)
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For over 10 years, Sam Javanrouh’s photos have captured the beauty and chaos of Toronto streets. His web site, daily dose of imagery, has been one of the world’s most popular photoblog web sites. Javanrouh’s images dispel the notion that Toronto’s architecture and public spaces are uninspired and ugly. His visual tone is what attracted Spacing magazine to his work back in 2004, spawning a long-lasting partnership between the photographer and publication. During a 10-year period, Javanrouh has had five images appear on the cover Spacing and over 40 images published on the inside pages.

Now that Javanrouh has retired his popular web site, the exhibit, “A Decade’s Dose of Imagery”, presented by Spacing, explores his archives and celebrates the city’s first photoblogger to gain both international recognition and a global fanbase. Come to the Urbanspace Gallery to see Javanrouh’s images up close.