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PREORDER: New streetcar profile t-shirts


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WHAT: Pre-order for Spacing’s new streetcar series of shirts
WHEN: Wednesday, August 27th – Friday, September 12th
WHERE: Our e-store
SHIPS: Mid September
PRICE: $30 pre-order, $35 regular

With Toronto’s new streetcar vehicles hitting the streets at the end of the month, Spacing is releasing two new t-shirts that celebrate our classic vehicles (Peter Witt, PCC, CLRV) and the new Bombardier models (so long that they stretch around the back of the shirt!).

Pre-order them on our online store and be the first to get your hands on them. They will officially be launched with the opening of our new retail store at 401 Richmond St at the end of October.



  1. for those uinfamiliar with TO is it 301 Richmond St …East or West?

  2. Hi Mike —

    It’s 401 Richmond West, not 301.