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12 DAYS OF SPACING: Gifts Under $20

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The Spacing Store is just over a year old now and we’re heading in to our second Holiday season. We’ve picked out some of our favourite items to highlight over the next twelve days to help you plan your shopping.

Whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, or just a little something extra, we’ve got a ton of items that any Toronto lover would enjoy.

Smitten Kitten Neighbourhood Keychains (pictured above)
$8, In-Store

Styled after the now-nostalgic motel keychains, these are available as neighbourhoods across the old city. Not sure where you’re giftee lives? We’ve got the classic “Toronto the Good, room 416” as well.

Barkdale Treat Co. Organic Dog Treats
$12, In-Store

New to the Spacing Store, Barkdale Treat Co. makes Toronto-inspired organic treats to please all the TO pups in your life. Flavours include Cheeslieville and Baconsfield. Each pack comes with 10 handmade treats.

Raccoon Salt and Pepper Shakers
$15, In-Store

Love them or hate them, they’re the ubiquitous Toronto critter. Nothing will make your table say “Toronto” more than a pair of these cute little bandits.

Toronto Library Passport
$10, In-Store and Online

The perfect give for bibliophiles or stay-cation enthusiasts, the Toronto Library Passport by Noah Ortmann Design is a charming 36-page booklet for recording your visits to all the public libraries across the city.

Metro Picks
$5, In-Store and Online

We’ve teamed up once again with the TTC to recycle decommissioned monthly and weekly metro passes. To save these passes from becoming waste, Spacing has turned them in to our own brand of guitar picks. These are medium thick picks (~.76mm) and each set includes 15 picks of assorted colours/types of passes.

BONUS: TTC and Montreal Metro Buttons and Magnets
Starting at $2, In-Store (TTC) and Online (Both)

There isn’t a more classic Spacing gift than our iconic Subway buttons. With half a million sold over the past decade, it’s a proven hit!