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  1. This with add to driver distraction, a growing problem that causes collisions etc.

  2. I wrote to the committee and got an email yesterday saying the application had been withdrawn by the applicant but it did not indicate why. Strangely enough, the city emailed a group of us and I was able to see everyone else’s email address…. isn’t that a breach in privacy?

  3. Hey Elsie! Yes – the application was withdrawn, which essentially means that the proposal is dead. : )

    I’m about to post an update on the article.

    As for the privacy issue, it does seem to be unusual that they wouldn’t BCC the e-mails, but technically your e-mail is part of the public record, once you’ve sent a letter to the Committee. So, in a way, you’ve waived your privacy, by sending the message and asking the message to be part of the public record.

    PS: Thanks for sending the e-mail! They received 59 letters. : )

  4. Thanks Dave! I sort of thought that about the emails being in public domain, but it still seemed odd to me. It is a nicely compiled list of emails for someone to grab…… The end result of this being withdrawn is a real win. thanks for agitating. You do great work.

  5. Outfront’s withdrawal is one of the submissions (strangely enough). Says they are going back and revising due to staff comments and consultation and that they are in consultation with local counsellor. Is this really dead?