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Want a piece of the Honest Ed’s sign? Enter our draw

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When you get a message that says, “Do you want me to drop off chunks of the Honest Ed’s sign?” you never say no.

For the last month, part of the Spacing magazine and store office has been occupied by large elements cut from the former Honest Ed’s sign (one of the three versions of the sign is going on the Ed Mirvish Theatre at some point,).

We have no interest is selling it despite multiple offers. Instead, we feel most comfortable raffling off this bit of Toronto history.

If you would like to own either of these signs please enter our draw my emailing by 1pm on Friday, Feb. 2. We will make the draw at 2pm. We will announce the two winners on our website and social media channels (and, of course, we will email the winners directly). There is one stipulation: you have to pick up the signs from our store within 5 days. Pick-up deadline is Wednesday, Feb. 7, 7pm.

Some info on the signs

Obviously, neither are in working condition. There are electrical wires coming out of the back. And there are numerous sharp edges when the demolition tram made their cuts. But there are a few light bulbs that remain intact.

The larger sign (about 5.5-feet on either side) is taken from the bottom left corner of the E in ED’S. The thinner sign (about 5.5-feet wide, 3-feet high) contains small bits from the O and N in HONEST. Please refer to the photo at the top of this post for exact locations.

top photo by T. Carter


One comment

    #1 I always believed it wasn’t “too damaged” to be saved (2013 twitter)
    #2 HONESTS EDS was like a “ELLIS ISLAND” for 1st generation Canadian relatives
    #3 MY “Roots” were also in the Annex and lost – since they got EXPROPRIATED (1 Canadian home in the 1960’s @spacing irony)
    #4 I’m too honest (women in construction/development)
    #5 only emotional post I’ve ever made was for the sadness in Honest Eds sign disappearing (2013)
    #6 I have a truck (pick up is not a issue)