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  1. I have always thought of Daniels as one of the better developers especially when it comes to this sort of housing. So, why is there a need to look elsewhere? Not that it isn’t worthwhile to at least look at what others have to offer.

    I remember how St.Lawrence turned out to be a great success when it included all types of housing, Co-op, social housing and market rate living.

  2. Delaying this project for an additional 2 minutes is outrageous. The Daniels Corporation should complete the work, without any additional delay. This community has been destabilized for long enough, the Regent Park community as well as surrounding communities have been deeply impacted by this extensive project. Having another developer complete phases 4 and 5 will definitely create major delays. The community needs to focus on the Social Devlepment components of this development and Daniels should complete it.

    These kinds of decisions are made by people who do not live in Regent Park. TCHC and the City should reconsider the decision to tender Phase 4 and 5. We just can not afford another delay,.

  3. Daniels has been an exceptional partner in the revitalization of Regent Park. The City should pull rank over TCHC and allow Daniels to continue. Holding tight to the Ford process of reissusing a RFP process truly indicates that the City nor TCHC care about the members of the community.