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  1. I think a lot of these ideas would only serve to drive up housing prices (more community organization and ‘cultural corridors’ read a lot like NIMBYism to me in reality). I think the only way we’ll see the long-term preservation of many of these communities would be through government carrots and sticks to promote mixed development. I think the provincial government should exercise an override to upzone any housing along transit corridors to a higher density, even against the wishes of the municipalities. Grants and tax credits to build ‘missing middle’ housing or ‘no frills’ (i.e. non-luxury) condos/apartments. A more radical idea, a non-profit provincial agency that is tasked with developing high-density housing in the GTHA that is self-sustaining.

    The toughest challenge is maintaining the ‘mom n pop’ retail against a flood of Rexalls and Starbucks. I’m still at a loss on how to incentivise riskier businesses for the landlords. Ideas?