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  1. Why aren’t all the candidates shown for each Ward?

  2. Please get your facts straight: the police did not enact a “violent clearing of park encampments.” They way it works is that City social workers request police assistance. They go to the encampments and say that the habitants must move and that the City can offer them shelter. People who do not want to leave actively resist, and that is when the police step in. Stop spreading misinformation, such as your implication that the police simply went in and clubbed everyone. I am politically left and it’s important to get the facts right, however unpleasant they may be.

  3. Frank: Yes, this may be true in regular circumstances, but you are just reading from a PDF of procedures. What you are overlooking (or deliberating not mentioning) is that this is not what was undertaken by Tory and council and TPS last summer. All kinds of reporting and FOIs have proven that. Your comment is essential garbage.