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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered



  1. The City of Toronto needs to change its policy ratings. Currently, the single-occupant automobile gets #1 priority. The Transportation Services is really the “Drivers’ Service”.

    Transportation is defined as the movement of goods and persons from place to place and the various means by which such movement is accomplished. Isn’t there more people being transported by walking or public transit than the single occupant automobile?

    Should be…
    #1 priority—emergency vehicles
    #2 priority—pedestrians
    #3 priority—public transit
    #4 priority—cycling
    #5 priority—delivery & contractor trucks
    #6 priority—autos with more than one person
    #7 priority—single-occupant autos
    #8 priority—personal trucks or SUVs

    The city needs to start putting up 40 km/h, 50 km/h, 60 km/h, etc. speed limit signs. THEN, change the DEFAULT urban speed limit within the city as 30 km/h everywhere UNLESS signed. AND starting yesterday, the city needs to change the street designs to reflect that. Currently, many stroads are designed for the “safety” of motorists, not for the safety of pedestrians.

  2. I have just reread the article by Gillian Kranias. This story of one elder lost did not need to happen! It is clear that suggestions from local residents were ignored and priority was given to moving traffic along Vaughan. It moves me to tears. Why did the City of Toronto renege on its safety policies? I am another elder who also navigates curbs and street crossings with in trepidation.

  3. Thank you Gillian Kranias & all neighbours great efforts for safety & health of pedestrians & cyclists in this car infested city that so limits & endangers healthy, climate-friendly transport